Charter Members of TiE are a celebration of meritocracy and entrepreneurship. They maintain the following standards of being high achievers, role models, those who can mentor and inspire others, have substantial intellectual capital, and are widely recognized as business creators and “net givers”. They have reached a stage in their professional life where they are ready, willing, and able to contribute to fellow members.

A Charter Membership Committee has been formed to assess and recommend Charter Member  prospects. The objective for the committee is to bring inspiring Charter Members who enable TiE SV  to deliver value, thereby elevating the TiE SV brand.

The committee assesses potential Charter Members on the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to TiE’s mission of fostering Entrepreneurship 
    1. Time (mentoring, leading new initiatives, participation in events) 
    2. Funding 
  2. Inspire others to participate – has gravitas 
  3. Strong  professional network 
  4. Is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, Educator, major contributor to TiE SV  (preferably in the technology sector) 
  5. Others would want to be mentored by the incoming CM 
  6. Leader in emerging technologies and industry sectors 
  7. Is a “GIVER” – prospect should share concrete examples 
  8. Brings diversity to the TiE SV network 

Requirements & Process of Becoming a Charter Member:

  1. Written responses to standard questions and video of no more than a  few minutes (2- 5 minutes) introducing themselves and explaining why they want to be part of TiE and how they can create value for TiE. 
  2. The CM Committee members review the responses. Members may follow up with clarifications  in zoom or in person meetings.  
  3. Within 2 weeks of the submission the team discusses the proposed candidates. A supermajority  vote is required to move the candidate forward.  
  4. A final zoom or in person meeting with the President and one of the Committee Members in the  President  is unavailable. 
  5. The final step is a recommendation to the board for final approval.